You can call it irony, you can believe the planets aligned at the right moment, you might even say it is destiny but, know this, it wasn’t intentionally planned. As I was looking at my newly revamped writing schedule, the topic I wanted to focus on for Part Two of, “An Open Letter to The Right”, is communications. Today also happens to be the day that America’s favorite White House Press Secretary to make fun of, Sean “Spicey” Spicer, has resigned.

I could write an entire post about Mr. Sean Spicer, but I won’t. However, it is of some importance that this news stays at the front of your mind while reading.

It is also important that I mention that I’m only talking about the Presidents of my adult livelihood. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

President Trump and his administration have a problem with communications. They are ill equipped to deal with internal leaks from staffers, they put the ghost of George Orwell on notice with Kellyanne Conway’s, “Alternative Facts” interview on, “Meet the Press”, and let’s face it, President Trump is not a great public speaker. It has gotten to the point where whenever I hear any recording of him speaking at a public event, I have to fast forward past him talking.

President Bush had that public, “Fool me once…” gaffe but, his administration didn’t follow in toe. He had one of the best White House Press Secretaries, Ari Fleischer. I don’t remember hearing about leaks, online or otherwise. President Bush, as much as I didn’t enjoy his presidency, never made me want to look past his speeches or other public appearances.

President Obama is easily the best public speaker out of the three. Articulate, concise, and inspiring. His speeches brought an air of dignity to his Presidency. He angered Conservatives and, “The Right”, because of the way he and his administration took to social media.

President Trump does have a very tough act to follow, but he isn’t doing himself any favors. He doesn’t talk to people, he yells at them, he uses that now infamous underwhelming and predictable vocabulary to the state of boredom, and quite frankly, he sounds awfully angry for a man who can seemingly only tout his accomplishments, of which, I’m at a loss for remembering what they are at this point.

It is safe to say he isn’t a “social media rock star”. For those who are not aware of a certain subreddit, feel free to take a look at this.

The point is, I feel like when I look at Presidents past, I don’t remember an entire administration falling into a category of failure when it comes to communications. This one is definitely a first. This isn’t what people had in mind when talking about Trump being a Washington D.C. outsider either.

This is a man who had high television ratings. He didn’t talk like this during, “The Apprentice”. It makes me wonder if this is all a character change for him, which, makes me question his legitimacy as a human being, let alone President of the United States of America.

I didn’t vote for Trump, but after coming to terms with him winning the Presidency, I really wanted the best for America and the President. Everything that I had hoped for going into this year made me believe that there was room for growth, that he could change, that he really did want to be President, and all of this has since been ruined by the President himself.


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