In the last post on, “The Leftovers”, I mentioned starting a series where I would focus heavily on politics. I’m calling it, “An Open Letter to The Right”. I want it to be about my thoughts on the Trump Presidency and try to connect the dots with direct and in-depth looks as to why I am unhappy with his Presidency at this point and why I don’t see it turning a corner anytime soon. The best way I could come up with to start would be to talk about the events from Donald Trump announcing his candidacy, leading up to November 8, 2016, the night of the Presidential Election.




I honestly don’t remember anything else other than the now infamous remark about Mexicans during Mr. Trump’s announcement to run for President of the United States of America. That one statement and the fact he entered onto the scene descending from an escalator. Let me be very clear, there is no other Presidential campaign that I can think of in my adult livelihood that would have survived beyond such a remark, yet here we are.

I remember saying two things to my Sister about Mr. Trump’s campaign, “Get ready for all his dirty laundry to be aired out in public.”, and “I really can’t see how he would get past Hillary Clinton if it came down to the two of them.”.




First, the dirty laundry. The absolute Mt. Fuji-sized pile of dirty laundry. The numerous offensive comments, him having 5 kids through 3 different wives, (both previous to Melania, he cheated on), and who could forget the most notorious of them all, the “Grab them by the p***y.” scandal?

This is only the peak of the pile. That pile would go on to total up to an amount that would bury any one politician, honestly, it was enough it could have buried the entire class of Republican candidates, but it never happened. Each individual issue came up one by one and then somehow immediately got overlooked or left for dead and resuscitated by any Trump surrogate willing enough to do so.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton didn’t help her own cause. She left her robotics open to malfunction as she never fully equally matched but, still caused issues that somehow managed to end up in the same category as Trump’s.

Trump was making disgusting comments about women and minorities, Clinton made the “basket of deplorables” comment. Trump was a womanizer, and so was potential First Man Mr. Clinton. To top it all off, she never could shake the Benghazi/e-mail scandal, which dogged her even after her defeat.

It was chalked up to a pretty even choice by the time the election rolled around. The only problem was the pollsters didn’t quite agree. They had an extremely small window of a winning margin for Trump compared to Clinton’s.


1930s Man Teacher Looking At Camera With Pointer At Blackboard


Like so many times he had already done before, he shot right through the gap.

I remember that I was watching PBS’ coverage of the election night. They showed the sight of Trump’s election night party and it looked light in every capacity compared to Clinton’s. It was just one step to the right of a John Hughes-esque High School dance.

The table of journalists, pundits, correspondents, and former political advisors was absolutely stunned. They had no clue what had just happened or how it had even transpired.

I have grown to dislike the idea of sports being used to describe politics but, make no mistake this was an upset. A Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 49 upset.




That is how I remember it, the abridged version of course. “The Left”, lost. No first female President, no hope in keeping any version of the status quo, and a complete re-imagining of what it means to be Presidential. “The Right”, got their man. No experience, hoping to drain the swamp, and the entirely new image of the American Presidency.












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