I purposely chose to stay away from Facebook for years. Due to a combination of not liking the user interface, the amount of clicking you have to do just to make a simple post or change to your profile, and of course, the drama.

I had to compromise to a certain degree, that is, if I wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger/aspiring writer. I joined Facebook about a month ago. It has been pretty much drama free for the most part, I’m very happy to say that I missed the 2016 Presidential Election’s aftermath.

With that being said, it seems like I’m still caught in the jet stream of “The Left”, versus, “The Right”. LeftVsRight01

One day when I logged into Facebook, my news feed had a post that was talking about several different facts that involved Russian influence and money towards a certain politician. The concept of the post was to make you think that President Trump was the person in question but, in fact, it was about Hillary Clinton.

I don’t have to get into what political affiliation someone is to make a judgment call on this. It is simply said. Hillary Clinton did not win the Presidency. Nobody cares about what Hillary Clinton is up to as far as politics go. She is no longer in Washington, D.C. and these facts simply don’t make any difference.

This post was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I went on a mini-rant after reading that post. Here it is in full:


I’m not sure what response “The Right” is expecting someone like myself to have when I hear that “The Left” has a “pattern” of political violence… For 8 years, I heard that President Obama (who I voted for twice) wasn’t born in America, protestors mock lynching Obama effigies, Ted Nugent recommending President Obama to “suck on his machine gun”, countless cries of President Obama will tear the country apart or destroy it entirely. Well, President Obama and the country made it past both of his 4-year terms. America lived through that 8-year mark alive and kicking defying some expectations. What I’m seeing from “The Right” is a continuation of where “The Left”, left off. The shoe is literally on the other foot now. Six months in and “The Right” seems a little upset at the exact same things that people like myself from “The Left” had to endure for 8-years. I really don’t know what else to say about the situation. Maybe if you’re really interested in creating a solid base for politics to operate on, a common ground where you’re really interested in working together, maybe you could apologize for some of the things you’ve said to your fellow co-workers, friends, family, and President Obama. “The Left” warned “The Right” on numerous occasions during Obama’s Presidency. The phrase, “you reap what you sow” exists for a reason. I would get together with the powers that be and take the initiative of the country and its ideals, principles, and direction like you voted for. Stop throwing fits over bad jokes, 100-year-old Shakespearean traditions, and whatever Hilary is doing in her newly found free time. You won the right to run the country, start doing it. One more thing. Please, stop posting sub-Fox News garbage on Facebook. Thank you, that is all.

This is the only post that I know, that nobody has mentioned from my timeline even to this day. No likes, no loves, it hasn’t even been brought up in real life. It isn’t incendiary, hateful, or disingenuous. For it to be ignored, speaks about the real problem that America faces with Politics, not being able to even talk about them.

For what it is worth, I will be working on a series that I will be calling, An Open Letter to “The Right”.


I hope that it will put a lot of ideas out for, “The Right” to hear so that way they can understand why the Trump Presidency got off to a rough start and haven’t really turned a corner for the best up to this point. From the perspective of one person on, “The Left”.

I also hope that it will push, “The Left” closer to the idea of having and keeping open and civil conversations with people from, “The Right”.

The series is not going to be happy-go-lucky meets Kumbaya. It is going to cover politics, which is a dirty subject no matter what length you choose to discuss it in. It is time to get a little dirty and clean off the skeletons that even I myself have held back for far too long.



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