Can I be an adult now, please? Who do I have to see about gaining clearance into the club? Is there an application process I wasn’t aware of? Was mine lost in the mail? When does it become “official”?

I’m 35-years-old now and recently I was “dismissed” during a conversation due to my age.

What is that about?

Yes, there are people older than me in the world. No, they don’t get special privileges until they reach a certain age where they then get Senior Citizen discounts.

I’ll hold the door open for you just like I do with other people but, your opinion doesn’t automatically trump or negate mine.

When I turned 18, I “earned” the right to vote. Along with that right, it provided me with all the reasons anyone should have needed for me to be included in adult conversations.

Religion, check. Politics, check. Money, paycheck and then check. Sex, double check, please.

I feel that a lot of people are disgruntled about how things are going from their personal views and desires. Be it Religiously, Politically, Financially, and/or Romantically.

Instead of accepting that things aren’t going exactly the way they wanted them to and finding a way to move forward in those situations, they instead try to implement new rules in the attempt to make things easier and therefore, better for themselves.

That doesn’t work for me.

That isn’t what being an adult is.

You want to disagree with me, fine. You want to do something different than what I suggested, also fine. You want to use my Sex, Race, Age, Religion, Political Affiliation, Employment or Economic Status, Sexual Orientation, Personal Upbringing, or anything else I am not 100% in control of, not fine.

It is why employers and most civilized persons have adopted the same rules and regulations. It isn’t fair. It isn’t just. It isn’t right. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what your title is.

There are a lot of things that are different in this day and age. I myself, am more than enough proof and evidence of that.

Even in weird, strained, and/or uncomfortable times, it doesn’t mean that the rules have to match as well.

Treat people how you want to be treated. Be respectful and be respected. It is already simple enough.


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