Entry Level


It is called an entry level position for a reason, it means that nearly anyone without experience in the field should be able to walk in and apply for the open position and be taken seriously enough to the degree where you, as the employer, feel comfortable in hiring them under the premise that you are willing to train them to do the job that you need to have completed on a regular day to day basis for your business to operate.

This is what jobs in America look like in this day and age. People on the inside using any and all excuses for not hiring anyone on the outside for an entry level position. I myself have a first-hand account of something similar to this happening to me.

I don’t know of the establishment that posted this sign, but here is what it tells me:

  1. The owner/operator, the management team, and human resource department that are currently running this establishment are rude, arrogant, and don’t take into account their own shortcomings and failures. “Behind every able man, there are always other able men.” – Chinese Proverb
  2. Those same people have a revolving door policy when it comes to hiring. The phrasing of the sentence on their sign proves their frustration. I can hear them inside saying something like this right now, “Oh my God, how many people have we hired this month?”, “How many more people do we have to hire to find one good person that meets our standards?”, “I just want one person who looks decent, has all their teeth, has a hairstyle that complies with preconceived notions of current modern day society’s standards, with no visible tattoos, who has near perfect attendance records and will show up for work every day on time, no excuses, has access to reliable transportation, is somewhere between the ages of 18 and 30, can pass a drug test but, also doesn’t have a criminal record, who isn’t a threat to my own aspirations and isn’t overqualified, who has at least two years experience at a well known establishment in a similar field, and doesn’t cause drama in an already volatile work environment, and will take the job no questions asked at the lowest wage possible…”. Yeah, good luck with that. When they realize they can’t find that person, they’ll force themselves to the very bottom of the barrel. They clearly don’t want to stick their head into the barrel at risk of getting their hair wet or even worse, drowning. “If I can’t easily access them by skimming the surface of the water, I’ll just roll up my sleeve a little and go straight to the bottom because it is the next easiest method to catch my fish.”
  3. They are the kind of establishment that if you ask them about the sign, their response will be, “We put that sign out in an effort to scare off the potential fence-sitters.”. They are using scare tactics, on people who aren’t currently employed at their establishment? How do they treat their customers/guests? What exactly do they tell their current staff at meetings when there is an issue or problem? “Well, we thought we had hired only people who had a clue but, here we are at another monthly meeting.” Stupid them, or stupid you? I can’t decide.

At best, I can guess this sign is outside of a restaurant or retail store. It isn’t a well-known national chain, otherwise, this sign would have caused someone to outrage to a degree that would have hit the national news by now. With retail stores and restaurants closing at a record pace in America, who is to blame? I don’t know the answer to that question. It always seems to fall into the laps of those outside and hardly ever at the fault of people inside. I can, however, say that with the experience I have in these industries, it is at fault of only one common practice, bad business.


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