What does being politically correct actually mean and why are people against the idea, concept, and application? President Trump said during his campaign that political correctness was, “a big problem”, something that he nor the entire country “have time for”. Milo Yiannopoulos, a supporter of Donald Trump who has fallen out of favor since making controversial comments regarding sexual consent, now says that he is waging a war against political correctness with his new venture, “Milo Inc.”.


I don’t understand what the weird fascination with political correctness is all about. The first thing that comes to mind is if you’re not concerned about being politically correct, then does that mean you’re fighting for “political incorrectness”? In a world that seems to be divided into two extremes, isn’t that the only other option? People want to fight for the right to always be incorrect and/or wrong?

I guess the first thing to do is look up what political correctness is defined as by current societal measures. Wikipedia.org seems to be a fair neutral source. Here is the current Wikipedia.org post on political correctness;

The term political correctness (adjectivally: politically correct; commonly abbreviated to PC or P.C.) in modern usage, is used to describe some language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society. In mainstream political discourse and media, the term is generally used as a pejorative, implying that these policies are excessive.

The term had only scattered usage before the early 1990s, usually as an ironic self-description, but entered more mainstream usage in the United States when it was the subject of a series of articles in The New York Times. The phrase was widely used in the debate about Allan Bloom‘s 1987 book The Closing of the American Mind, and gained further currency in response to Roger Kimball’s Tenured Radicals (1990), and conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s 1991 book Illiberal Education, in which he condemned what he saw as liberal efforts to advance self-victimization, multiculturalism through language, affirmative action, and changes to the content of school and university curricula.

Commentators on the left have said that conservatives pushed the term in order to divert attention from more substantive matters of discrimination and as part of a broader culture war against liberalism. They also argue that conservatives have their own forms of political correctness, which are generally ignored by conservative commenters. – Wikipedia.org


Again, something in politics ultimately described as a leftist idea versus the right’s anti-movement. I grow tired of this battle and live for the day that people start to believe that a solution to many is offered by neither column A or B alone.

Political Correctness is merely an idea and a concept to curb one’s language to not lose the point of any message by making it personal or offensive in any matter. It isn’t because of an overnight growth of hatred or discrimination towards one group of people or another. Most people that have the power and a large platform to have their voice heard should be fully aware of historical events as proof of those things already existing.

Now that the purpose and intent of political correctness have been looked at, again, why wage a war against it, in hopes to rid the world of it? When I last saw Milo Yiannopoulos, he was being interviewed on “Real Time with Bill Maher”. They used Mr. Yiannopoulos’s recent appearance at UC Berkeley that was disrupted by rioters as the end effects of political correctness and the regressive left’s agenda. To recap, a now exposed caricature of the Alt-Right and a comedian/political pundit, trying to find common ground on the use of language that caused people to riot. They wanted to dispell the idea of language causing any harm through the archived stand-up routines and comments made by Joan Rivers, a woman who blazed a trail in comedy and made her living based on the ideas of being rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. I would have invited Joan Rivers to have Dinner at any party, had the party been devoid of any major politician not formally made aware of her presence at said party beforehand.


That, in a nutshell, is political correctness and there is a reason for it, you want the Alt-Right, Neo-Cons, and Republicans to fight alongside with you to eliminate it? Okay, fine. The only way to learn how to break the rules of language is to seek the help of ones who do it at a world class level. They include the Super-Ultra-Liberals, University English Professors, and stand-up comedians that the right have already proven to have adverse reactions to with their use of modern day English.




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